Service - Mike Scahupp

Memorial Celebration

We will be celebrating Mike's light and life this Saturday, December 21st, noon - 5:00pm Everyone is welcome to attend the ceremony, which will be at Seymour Center, on the west side of Santa Cruz.

Please join us in an intentional celebration with music, food, and poetry as we share soulful memories. Food and refreshments will provided, but please bring your favorite dish to contribute and share with everyone. Coffee and water will be provided. Alcohol is allowed, so please bring a drink to share if you want. 

There will be a collaborative art project taking place on Saturday as well. Please bring an object from nature, something organic, to the ceremony...the object can be a crystal, totem, small sculpture, shell/rock etc (all levels of creativity welcome). We will then take as many of the objects as possible and create an art sculpture that will be placed at Idylwild exit, off of Highway 17, in Mike's honor.

Around 4:15 PM we will begin the sunset ceremony to mark the time of his passing and to consciously hold space for the transition of his wondrous spirit. Candles will be lit along the cliff side, as we come together to honor our dear friend, father, son, family member, biker, and community member. We love you Mike Schaupp!!!


There should be plenty of parking at the actual event. For out of town visitors, here are a few links to some nearby hotels:

1) Mission Inn:

2) Hotel Paradox:

3) Best Western:

4) Dream Inn: