Obituary - Mike Scahupp


Michael Carl Schaupp May 4, 1977-Dec. 11, 2013 Resident of Santa Cruz Born in Carmel, CA Mikey: heart of lion, strength and steadfastness of a bull, playfulness of a laughing monkey, sensitivity and wisdom of an elephant, protective and nurturing as a mother bear, connected and ethereal as a spirit bird, and humble as a man.

Born with big dark eyes and a deep gaze, Mikey often surprised others with his level of attentive observation as a baby. As a lil' one, he loved the outdoors, preferring to sleep outside under the stars and up in his treehouse.

A smile, soulful kind eyes, enduring loyalty and readiness to help were his tokens of friendship. His voice rang clear with passion, touching the core of life's beauty, pain and mystery. With each song he wrote, he invited the possibility for a better world. Deeply embodied, he was a model for connection to one's integrity and truth. His quick wit & easy sense of humor were medicine to our hearts.

He understood that life, love, and friendship were a fragile and important gift, and if nurtured and protected, could all be eternal. Your love Dana Schlick, mother, Denise Schaupp, and beloved son will together forever embody your energy.

May your journey to the next life be filled with adventurous trails, beautiful music, freedom and so much love. You radiated in this world and you'll shine as a star in the next.

All who knew you were so blessed to have you for 13,373 days.

Your embrace of love, friendship, and generosity will live on in our hearts, memories and in everything that we do.

He lived the lyrics from his song To Live, may we do the same:

To love my world,

To give myself,

To live and live and live…

Memorial will be on the Winter Solstice, Saturday, December 21st, from noon to sunset, at Seymour Marine Discovery Center. Please bring your favorite dish to share, and something that withstands the elements that reminds you of him (rock, stone, wood- creativity welcomed!) for a collaborative memorial sculpture. - See more at: